zoori_img1Zoori for me is simply an inspiration to participate in the healing process of the earth and the human being.  We can clearly see today, now, through the internet and in our own lives that the world is not what we once believed it to be, or imagined it to be. The world seems to be trapped in a repetitive recycling of history with all of it’s injustice and suffering.  Through my eyes it is clear that there is no other choice at the moment, and out of necessity, we need to begin the change from an existence of competition to an existence of cooperation, and sharing and that is what the Zoori project is.

Through the inspiration of Zoori, an ancient technology and art form of traditional Japanese farmers, we would like to be an instrument for the revitalization and facilitation of the creative nature inherent in children who have experienced deep trauma, pain, humiliation, fear through war and disease, in order to reawaken in them there natural right, to create unconditionally, and to share those creations in order to build a self sustainable community.

Through the art of sharing and creativity we will learn new things together, build on those new things together, learn about relationships together, discover solutions to obstacles that arise together, and ultimately stand by each other together.  So we begin Zoori as a movement of cooperation, a movement of a few human beings together learning about each other through sharing, and about how to bring the reality of sharing to our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.  Together we are spreading the message of sharing through the honest language of action.