ZOORI is our original interpretation of the traditional Japanese “zouri”, simply means “cloth sandals”. These are worn by traditional Japanese more than 200 years ago. However, recently they have gained back the popularity in Japan, but this time round, the sandals are all made with variety of fabrics such as using old T-shirts, bed sheets, mops and other recycled materials. They are not only environmentally friendly. They are comfortable to wear indoor, because of the ups and downs weaving patterns, they promote health as the patterns act as massaging points for the sole.

It’ll only take 3 hours to make a pair of ZOORI!
It’s washable and you clean the floor as you walk!
It’s easy and good both on the feet and on the earth!

In this workshop, we will teach simple techniques to make a pair of ZOORI using T-shirt. Please bring two of your worn out T’s for material.